Amazon Kabinet And Technology For The Kitchen

shutterstock_312036542Amazon are still working on what they call a high-end computer screen for the kitchen, currently named Amazon Kabinet. The device, as explained by the Wall Street Journal deep into their article about the failure of Amazon’s Fire phone, is a tablet like device that will allow you to connect to the internet and issue voice commands. Made especially for the kitchen, it will hopefully let you to browse recipes, watch how-to videos and purchase items from Amazon all while you are cooking.

The technology seems to build on the success of their Amazon Echo gadget which acts as something of a voice-operated personal assistant. It will update the hands-free, voice-activated technology to give it a screen that will allow you to view apps or web pages. In doing so, Amazon Kabinet could be a big deal for people looking to design a great post-modern kitchen, and those of us who are always looking for exciting new ways to make cooking simpler. Don’t know the perfect amount of water to add to your meal? You can just ask and see the answer pop up before you. Want to access a recipe? You can browse it while you cook without having to stop what you’re doing.

Amazon Kabinet, or whatever it is eventually named when it is released, isn’t just exciting as a stand-alone piece of technology – although t is certain that a shiny screen gadget similar to Amazon Kabinet will become an important part of every future kitchen’s design. It is exciting because of how it can be integrated with any of the other innovations Amazon have invested in. Services like Amazon Fresh, which allow customers to have food quickly delivered to their home with just one click, will probably work with the Kabinet to give customers a full, 21st century, hi-tech kitchen. It will also allow Amazon to have a monopoly over one of the biggest aspects of how we live – the preparation and consumption of food – as well as the entire way we interact with the kitchen.

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