Why have LED Lighting in your Kitchen?

LED Lighting is finally gaining popularity, but you might still be a little reserved at the idea, with many nervous to make the switch (pardon the pun) over to the new, revolutionary, lighting style. Despite the hesitation, LED lights have now been crowned as the future of home lighting not only for their environmental benefits but also for the way they look in the home itself. They come in many attractive designs and you can even choose the colour that you prefer, depending on the look you are going for in a particular room. LED provide anything from beautifully bright lights to create the effect of an open, airy space or a yellowy golden bulb with a warm glow to create a cosy environment. LED lights have gained somewhat of a bad name in the past due to the fact that when they first came out many were associated with dimly lit rooms and generally very poor quality of light. This could now, not be further from the truth, and it is time you tried them for yourself…to see what all the fuss is about.

Lighting in the kitchen is a great way of giving it character and you should install LED lighting into your kitchen for a number of reasons. These include;

The Ability to Create the Perfect Ambience

The phrase ‘you will always find me in the kitchen at parties’ springs to mind with this one. The kitchen is the perfect hosting place, whether it be a family dinner, a get-together with friends or a dinner party, there is always something happening in the kitchen and so lighting is important. Choose from a range of LED light fixtures and fittings to create the perfect, inviting environment for your guests. Even the most basic of kitchens can be transformed with great lighting.

You’re Totally Spoilt for Choice

LED lighting isn’t just available as the basics, there are tonnes of fixtures and fittings available for your kitchen in the form of LED lights. Whether you want to light up the back splash LED lighting in kitchenagainst the kitchen wall, have light pouring down from the ceiling, or hang a subtle bulb above the breakfast bar, there is an endless choice of designs for you to get stuck into. A popular choice for the kitchen is the LED upstand lighting that goes across the back of your work tops. You can have no main lights on in the kitchen and use these to still see exactly what you are chopping, stirring and cooking. They also fit subtly into the design of your counters. They look a little like this.

You don’t Need to Worry about Changing them

LED lights are designed with no filament and so they can last a whopping fifty times longer than your average lightbulb, with 50, 000 hours in them. You might want a specific design of light in your kitchen but are put off by the fact that it seems fiddly to change. LED lighting is ideal in these situations because they do not need to be changed very often at all.

You Will be Helping the Environment

Amongst other things, LED lights are an extremely environmentally friendly choice as they use a lot less energy than regular bulbs (which also means they are a cost effective choice). The actual LED bulbs themselves can also be recycled.

Endless Colour Choice

As mentioned before, LED lights are not what they once were and they now come not only in all different shapes and sizes but also different colours. You can pick your colour temperature from the ‘Kelvin Scale’ with North Light (Blue Sky) being the coolest, brightest colour of light, right down to Tungsten and Candlelight, all of which create warmth and more of a glow than a bright light. With a great choice of colours, you can choose lighting that is going to match your decor and create the atmosphere that you desire.


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