Alternative Ways To Organise Kitchen Utensils

UtensilsLayoutKitchen utensils can slowly begin to take over your cooking space if they are not organised properly. You might have a handful or an armful or maybe you need specialist tools for baking or cooking specific items, but either way, they are most efficient when organised correctly.

There are many ways you can store your kitchen utensils, from displaying them proudly to keeping them out of sight in a drawer. There is no “best way” to keep them, it all depends on your kitchen space, personal preference and how you can work most efficiently.

It is also key to note that what you think will be the best method could turn out to be the worst idea when it comes to preparing your next meal. Don’t feel like you need to change your habit or refit your entire kitchen; just adapt your storage method. It isn’t set in stone that you must use a particular type of organisation technique and some people find that they prefer a combination of ideas for utensils they use regularly and those they might only use once or twice a month.


If you have got the available drawer space, this can be great for keeping your utensils hidden if you don’t like to clutter up your sides. Make sure you can get easy access to the drawer when it comes to cook, possibly in a drawer close to the oven or your food preparation area.

You can also divide your drawers us with boxes or inserts that help keep your drawer space tidy too.

Over The Door

An over the door storage solution is best for clearly things away quickly and you are free to decorate it with labels, ribbons and other embellishments.

Stylish Display

These are best when hand made to accommodate the amount of utensils you need it to hold and can be created with your kitchens colour scheme in mind.

Baskets & Containers

Baskets  can be attached to walls and doors and containers offer a storage solution that can be simply placed on your counter top. A good tip for these is to have separate spaces for different items, such as wooden spoons and metal utensils.UtensilsSide

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