Why Taking Time Over a New Kitchen Design is Always Worthwhile

When it comes to Kitchens, everyone knows they are one of the most well-used rooms in the home. They need to be functional for cooking and eating, but they’re also required to fulfil other requirements – depending on each individual family.

In some properties, a larger open plan kitchen serves as the heart of the family home. In others, it’s a food prep, dining and work space, for some it is a well-organised and designed cooking haven and in still others, it is the best place for storage. And, while the kitchen is expected to accommodate one, some or all of the above, most of us want it to look good too!

“A lot is often expected of kitchens and it can be hard to get it right, particularly as your needs may change in the future,” said Marylebone estate agent,Kubie Gold Associates. “The key to getting the design of your kitchen right is to take your time and consider all your options.”

How to Make the Most of Your Kitchen

If you’re planning a kitchen makeover – big or small – then give yourself enough time to speak to professional or two (or three!), have a few visits from different, recommended kitchen designers and chat with friends and family who’ve had their kitchens updated in the last few years. Even if you don’t like what you hear from some people, that’s still helpful as it means you know what you don’t want!

As well as taking advice and looking around at what’s on trend and available, a helpful exercise would be to make a list of what your kitchen will be used for. Some examples include:

  • Regular food prep and cooking.
  • Dining and socialising.
  • A room for the family to spend time together, not watch TV.
  • Working – for the adults and children.
  • Somewhere than can be opened onto the garden in the warmer months.
  • To fulfil a need for additional storage.
  • A bit of a showroom for guests.
  • Pet friendly.    

“Kitchens really can be the most important, most well used room in the home, which is something you might not realise until you write down all the ways in which you already use it, or plan to use it after making some changes,” said Assetgrove. “When you look at it in those terms, a few more weeks’ research to find the perfect design and style will definitely pay dividends.”

The Options for Your Kitchen are Almost Endless!

While style and trends change, there’s always a wide array of kitchen cabinets, colours and finishes available. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for, then there’s always the bespoke option. Of course, it might cost that little bit more to get exactly what you want, but it might not be as expensive as you think. And besides, if you want one room to fulfil numerous roles, surely its worth that little bit more?

Think about it from your perspective – you’d expect to be paid more if your job role expanded beyond the initial title. If you really don’t want to spend more or have a strict budget, most kitchens have so many options that they will fit to any design you choose and provide you with exactly what you need.

“You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the kitchen you want, it might take a bit more planning, but the options from off-the-shelf kitchens are pretty broad,” said Plaza Estates. “Getting the design and fit of your kitchen right is important, so don’t listen to those who say you’re taking too long over it – take all the time you need to create the perfect kitchen for your home.”

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